The Digital Generation- College Students & Digital Media

The Digital Generation- College Students, Brands and Engagement with Digital Media

College students provide the perspective of one of the most important demographics relating to online and social media.  They have grown up with social media, they surf the internet and seek out information like no other demographic.  They are also more particular about what types of digital media they use…they know what they like and know what is not worth their time.  They will pick up on digital media options quickly, but will discard them if they do not satisfy their interests or needs.

In order to understand this market, DigitalMediaIX conducted an extensive survey of more than 2000 Big Ten college students in February and March 2012 with questions on social media preferences and how they engaged with different mediums for 10 different product categories including:

Included in the report:



The College Market

The Survey

Defining Social Media Platforms

Brands and Digital Media Engagement

Report Highlights and Sound Bites

Six Social Media Platforms That Count for College Students

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Social Media Platform Metrics

Brand Categories Most Influenced by Digital Media

College Students and Digital Media Platforms

Leading Digital Brands for College Students

  • Brand Preference
  • Digital Media Engagement
  • Brand Digital Media Activity

DMIX Power 50 Digital Brands for College Students–2012

Brands That “Get It

  • The Triple Crown
    • Apple Inc.
  • Packaged Goods–Candy
    • Skittles
  • Packaged Goods–Energy Drinks
    • Red Bull
  • Packaged Goods–Snacks
    • Doritos
  • Packaged Goods–Soft Drinks
    • Coke/Diet Coke
  • Restaurants–Fast Food
    • Starbucks
  • High Technology–Notebook Computers
    • Dell
  • High Technology–Smart Phones
    • iPhone
  • High Technology–Media Tablets
    • iPad
  • Automotive–Grad Cars
    • Chevrolet
  • Automotive–Luxury Cars
    • Audi

Converting Survey Results to Actionable Data

Quantifying Digital Media

  • Top Display Advertising Site Categories
  • Facebook Ads Versus Google AdWords

Digital Media’s Share of Ad Spend

Advertising Spending 2010-2011

Appendix A Survey Questions

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The Digital Generation- College Students & Digital Media

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